Gigi Hadid & the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Model Gigi Hadid has been denied entry into China for the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai because of a controversial video posted earlier this year. The video shows Gigi holding up a Buddha cookie and squinting her eyes. There have been many thoughts and opinions on the incident. Katy Perry was also denied entry into China for using symbols of Taiwanese independence during her concerts. Check out this Storify to see the repercussions of Gigi Hadid’s actions…

Gigi Hadid denied entry into China for 2017 VS Fashion Show

10 Ways to Enjoy ICE CREAM

Everyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with ice cream, so why not list some of the amazing ways you can enjoy it! 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

#1 The Classic Waffle Cone

No better way than eating ice cream in a warm, freshly made waffle cone. Plus you can add however many scopes you’d like!

#2 Banana Split

Ice cream + bananas + whipped cream + toppings = Deliciousness

#3 Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Who wouldn’t want to eat ice cream in between two yummy chocolate chip cookies??!!

#4 Ice Cream Cake 🍰

As a child, I would always ask for an ice cream cake for my birthday. Why choose between cake and ice cream when you can have both!


Ice cream served on top of a warm, freshly made cookie is the perfect dessert choice!

#6 Trendy Rolled Ice Cream

Why just eat regular ice cream, when you can have fancy rolled ice cream served with as many toppings as you’d like!

#7 Milkshakesss

Feeling a bit lazy?? Then have a milkshake and sip your delicious ice cream without having to move a finger (or paw)!

#8 Root Beer (or Coca Cola) Floats

The classic middle school dessert of choice. I personally like Coca Cola floats over Root Beer floats, but it’s still awesome since it has ice cream!

#9 Fried Ice Cream

Everything fried is delicious, so why not add ice cream to that list!

#10 The Classic Ice Cream Sundae

Endless amounts of ice cream + endless amounts of toppings = PURE HAPPINESS


…Now go and TREAT YO SELF to some ice cream!

Cause Marketing & TYM

It was very difficult to find brands and companies that were related to Today’s Youth Matter since it is such a small and localized organization. I tried calling their office a couple of times, but I had no luck since their full-time staff is only a handful of people. I then remembered their annual fundraiser, “Walk For Their Future”. I was fortunate enough to participate in the walk a couple of times. On the back of the event shirts, there was a list of different sponsors. Among those sponsors were GoPro, Whole Foods, US Bank, HP, Powderbird Helicopter Skiing, and family foundations. GoPro and Whole Foods were the two companies that stood out to me. For such a small organization, I did not expect well-known brands to be sponsors. This is a good use of cause marketing for GoPro and Whole Foods. It shows their consumers that they care about local organizations that are caring for the local foster youth.

TYM should start partnering with companies in the sporting goods industry, to provide equipment for the summer and winter camps. I would recommend beginning a partnership with Sports Basement, a small sporting goods retailer in the Bay Area. Sports Basement could be considered a small-scaled REI. They focus on outdoor equipment. They are community orientated and have great customer service. Since Sports Basement is a small company and has 8 locations throughout the Bay Area, I believe they would be a perfect partner with TYM.


Annual “Walk For Their Future”


Event shirt!



My favorite charitable foundation is Today’s Youth Matter. TYM provides a variety of summer camps, winter camps and backpacking trips for vulnerable children in the San Francisco Bay Area. TYM’s goal is to replace old memories with new memories. Over 50% of TYM children are in the foster care system and 100% come from low-income families. All of the programs are free for campers. I volunteered at TYM for two summers in high school. I had such a great experience the first time, I decided to go back. The summer camp consists of a week-long, sleep-away camp in the mountains. The campers I interacted with were fun loving and full of life. You would never imagine the tough lives they have at 6 years old. I was initially intrigued by the organization because its affiliation with the foster care system. My mother works in Child Protective Services, so I have heard the stories about children in the system. I jumped at the opportunity to help these girls have an amazing time at summer camp. At TYM, they aren’t foster care kids, they are normal girls that just want to have fun. This organization is near and dear to my heart because of the impact it has on its campers.

Check out this video that perfectly describes TYM!


Playing water basketball with campers!


Study Abroad RIPL

Since I work for the Center for Global Engagement and the Study Abroad office, I decided to do my RIPL on Study Abroad options. I think Study Abroad is a great experience and I encourage all Zags to take advantage of the opportunity. I enjoyed using RIPL. It was super easy to use. I don’t like how you cannot access the app on a computer. I posted it to my Facebook since it is free to share on social media. Here is the link!

Study Abroad!

SF Giants Crushin’ the Snapchat Game

My hometown baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, is killing the Snapchat game. They know how to use the popular social media platform to their advantage. Here are a few ways the SF Giants are slaying Snapchat one story at a time.

  1. They take advantage of the Snapchat filters that are offered at AT&T Park. They also create Snapchat filters for special events. The “CA18N” filter was made for Matt Cain’s last baseball game of his career.


  2. They do a ton of free giveaways over Snapchat. Some of the cool prizes are bobble heads, tote bags, signed memorabilia, t-shirts and … GAME TICKETS!
  3. They do fun Snapchat art contests, called “Snapsterpieces”, to interact with their followers. The winner always gets a cool prize. They also promote these contests on their Twitter page.
  4. They post behind-the-scenes Snapchat stories and also random fun Snapchat stories that fans will enjoy. These types of posts make fans feel like they are part of the team and right there when it happens.

    I highly recommend following the San Francisco Giants on Snapchat @sfgiants, even if you aren’t a Giants fan! Their Snapchat stories will brighter up your day. Well, maybe don’t follow them right now since their season is over 😦

My Personal Brand

Influences & Experiences:

My personal brand is a combination of my experiences, family, culture, and influences. Since my parents are both immigrants from El Salvador, the importance of culture has always been present in my life. The Latino influences in my life sparked my curiosity of Spanish-speaking countries and ultimately my fascination of international cultures. In high school, I had the opportunity of participating in an immersion trip to Costa Rica. This trip only encouraged my curiosity and eagerness to learn about other cultures and customs.  This is what ultimately prompted me to pursue a concentration in International Business and study abroad in Spain. It also motivated me to become a Peer Ambassador for the Gonzaga Center for Global Engagement, where I am able to assist potential study abroad student, while making connections with the international Zags we have on campus.

Goals & Ambitions:

The experiences I’ve had have impacted my life in a positive way. I hope to eventually have a job that has an international aspect to it. Working for the Center for Global Engagement on campus has opened my eyes to the idea of working at a university’s Study Abroad office or International Students office. Being able to see the daily impact these offices have on students inspires me to pursue a similar profession. I think it would be pretty cool to guide students through their study abroad process and give them the tools to make that possible.


My host family in Costa Rica


My parents, who have inspired my love for cultures


Some of the International Zags I get to hang out with